Sunday, 18 November 2007

Fighting Carbuncles

With Billy Bragg campaigning against racisim

Fighting for Residents' Rights

Supporting Culture in Reading

Supported the "Big Draw" day in Reading, we had persuaded the Cybernetics dept of Reading University to bring their Dalek and to get it to draw for us.

Working With the Aged

Fighting Antisocial Behaviour

Fighting Carbuncles - Again

Fighting For Social Housing

Protecting Housing

Campaigning For Safer Road

Martin Salter MP and local residents in Kentwood Hill, Reading campaigning for road safety improvements. These improvements were promised in November 2007 after a 3 year campaign.

Saturday, 3 November 2007

Campaiging for equal pay

Spent Saturday Campaigning supporting the union Unison's campaign to ensure that Women are paid equal amounts as men. Looking at the figures women are still paid less than men and the pay gap can be as much as 21.6% in the South East.

Show that you are against rip off pay for women by signing the PM's petition here.

Campaigning for safer roads

Friday, 2 November 2007

Protecting Openspaces - Again

Protecting Post Offices

An early campaign to protect local Post Offices. Worked with Martin Salter MP, Councillors and local residents to ensure local services stayed local.

Fight to protect openspaces

My first campaign to protect the Tilehurst Allotments, a large piece of open land in Reading, against development. The Allotments are still there and are thriving.